About Us

Electro World Eygpt is an enterprise engaged in the manufacture of third generation high intensity discharge lamps, and a full complement of auxiliary products. Our company mainly trades in produces and sells (metal halide lamps ,high pressure sodium lamps , mercury lamps and other illumination products, plus ballast, lighting fixtures) .Since the company's founding, it has taken advantage of the opportunities provided by reform, reveling in the advantage created by the spring breeze of Party policy, and has seen its business blossom. We energetically keep abreast of the most advanced technology in our sector, both at home and internationally.


In the area of technology, Electro World seeks the best, in order to provide the best. We have built up an expert technical staff with many decades of experience in lighting manufacture. They have helped developing Electro World's unique production technology. Product quality is guaranteed by our strict and effective quality management system ,enabling us to provide the highest quality of illumination device to our customers. We are continuously raising our company's reputation and level of recognition.


Electro World adheres to its guiding business principle of "Achieving reputation through quality, market share through reputation, and returns through market share". With this entrepreneurial spirit, we endeavor to provide foreign and domestic customers with top quality products and after-sales service.

Latest Products


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